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November 28th, 2007

"I love fucking stupid women!" @ 07:05 pm

The other day, I got to thinking about this straight guy I had met years ago, when I lived in San Francisco and something he said to me that totally astonished me.

Now I have to tell you a little about this guy before I reveal the secret. I saw him a lot because we both hung out at a certain coffee house and occasionally the industrial bar across the street from it. He was a very attractive man. He had long hair, a lean body, multiple ear piercings, one full sleeve tattoo on his right arm and then several tattoos on his left leg (it wasn’t uncommon for him to be in shorts and a wifebeater). He had a noticeable bulge in his pants, and when I had once ventured to ask how big, he said it was a little over eight inches and with a lot of girth. He also liked to play around with different kinds of facial hair. Sometimes he had a goatee, sometimes a chinstrap, sometimes a full beard, sometimes clean shaven. And his hair was always different too, sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes braided, sometimes hanging loose and sometimes he did that thing where you take the bangs and pull them back and tie them behind the rest of the mane.

He was very flirty and fun-loving. Never had any problems getting laid. And he always seemed like he had this high, respectful regard for women even as he chased them.

So I had been having a conversation with him that started with me asking how he felt about gay men flirting with him and he said he didn’t mind and took it as a compliment, and the conversation continued in the direction of sex. And that’s when he dropped this confession on me:

“I love fucking stupid women,” he said and he said it in a trashy whisper with this evil grin on his face. I couldn’t believe I’d just heard that.

So I asked him a little more, like what was it he liked about it and all that. He said he just sort of felt that he couldn’t respect stupid women that much and didn’t feel like he needed to pay any attention to their needs in bed, so he could really fuck the shit out of them and it made him feel all dirty and wrong and he loved that feeling.

“You like being all rough and nasty,” I said and he said, “Yeeeeeeaaaaaahh!”

But he wasn’t into the more formal dance, where you look for girls who are really into that and you have that SM negotiation thing…what are you into? what are your limits? He liked finding stupid chicks and…basically smooth talking them into bed, then using them, and then smooth talking them into feeling like it wasn’t that bad after all.

“The best is if I can tell her she’s really smart and have her really think that while I’m coming on to her, then when I’m fucking her, I call her a dumb whore, and then later I tell her I didn’t really mean it, that it was just me being all excited and nasty,” he said. He was visibly smirking as he explained it to me.

“But that’s pretty close to rape,” I said, “I mean, you’re not being honest and you are just sort of…”

“Banging on them like meat?”


He said he was careful not to take it that far. It was actually a turnoff for him to have a woman seriously frightened or fighting back. But he said most dumb chicks didn’t have enough self esteem to tell him to stop, so they’d just let him fuck them like that, and that was fine by him. And a few would tell him to slow down and so he would for a while, and then start pounding again. Apparently, a few girls had actually pushed him off of them and called him an asshole and left. He always thought that was really funny, even though he feigned concern.

“That’s fucking awesome, watching some stupid chick getting all huffy and trying to put her clothes back on as fast as possible and calling me names and then storming out. The dumb ones can't really think of anything creative to say. They just call me a dick and an asshole and a dick and an asshole and how I need to learn how to treat a woman, that sort of thing. It's hilarious. But I always say I’m really sorry and stuff so she thinks I’m just a clod who didn’t know any better. I don’t mean it though and I like to jack off thinking of how pissed off she is after she leaves. I did get one girl to calm down and let me fuck her some more and she told me to hurry up and cum so I shot it all over her face. That REALLY pissed her off.”

“OMG! You really are nasty!” I said, laughing.

“I can’t help it. I love it. Like, it’s something a dude isn’t supposed to do, so that makes it very satisfying. And people think I’m a real sweetheart and all that. It’s really easy to pick up women, and the stupid ones are pretty obvious from the get-go. So I get to be a total jerk and use them like whores. And the thing that’s really cool is that it isn’t some role play thing either.”

I asked him if he got to fuck them in the ass or throat and he said sometimes but not that often. Those were girls who tended to like it rough anyway. And he liked those too. He liked when he could fuck a stupid woman and be rude to her and give her orgasm, but her orgasm wasn’t that important. Obviously, if he thought it was funny to see her run out all pissed off, then he didn’t really care if she came or not.

Every now and then I think of that guy, especially when I see someone like him and I wish I could see him in action, watch him slime up to her, talk a bunch of bullshit, take her home and call her a stupid bitch while fucking her brains out, and then bullshitting some more about how smart and special she was before kicking her out.

And, me being submissive, I often wish I could have been one of those stupid women getting nailed by him.
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Date:March 27th, 2009 02:38 am (UTC)


I'm adding you. I like that story. I just started a sex journal and I'm pretty excited about it.